Ainsley & Ronnell – Surprise Engagement Lythwood KZN Midlands – 6th October 2018

The Love Story

On the 6th of October we had a surprise engagement.  Ainsley contacted us and asked if we would assist him with his proposal.  We arranged a table on the patio outside and covered the area with fairy lights.  He had told his future fiance, Ronnell, that they were going to Lythwood Lodge to photograph a 50th birthday party. Ronnell was to get a new dress as the client had asked them to dress smartly for the occasion. Whilst Ronnell waited for the birthday guest....... Ainsley set up this equipment and after asking Ronnell to join him he sung her the song he wrote asking for her hand in marriage.

We're dating now for almost 5 years and 10 months. It all started when I saw her at church, we got to talking after the meeting and she invited me to a nearby McDonald's where a lot of church people would hang out after services. We got to talking and we made a silly bet. The details of the bet definitely not as important as the stakes. If I won she owed me a date to the ice rink. If she won I would owe her an ice-cream and a  trip to the beach. She won... I still say she cheated. A few days after the trip to the beach I wrote her a song in which the last line was the question "will you go out with me?" To which she said yes... Now almost 6 years later I found it fitting to propose using a song I wrote, in which the last line was the question "will you marry me?"... To which she said YES...

Photos supplied by kamil kas (@kamil_kas) • Instagram photos and videos



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