Fabergé Eggs and Lythwood Lodge what’s cooking?

Lythwood Lodge Escape Room

Mindgame Escape and Lythwood Lodge are proud to present a brand new escape room in the Midlands! The Italian and the case of the missing egg.


It is said that many years ago, Russia had a secret alliance with Italy. This alliance was so secret in fact, that it’s never been recorded in any history books. During this time, it’s believed that Italy helped the Tsars smuggle Fabergé eggs from Russia into South Africa for safe keeping.

During one such smuggling trip, an Italian man by the name of Fabio Louigi was captured and was labelled a prisoner of war. Fabio and his Fabergé egg landed up very near to what is known today as Lythwood Lodge.

Fabio feared that someone might discover the priceless Fabergé egg, so after his capture he snuck off one dark and quiet night to hide the egg somewhere within the grounds of the lodge.

The missing Fabergé egg?
The missing Fabergé egg?
Avellini gates at Lythwood 1948
Avellini gates at Lythwood 1948


Fabio had a love for designing masterpieces from wrought iron. Unfortunately, during one of his great creations there was an incident involving the wrought iron gate out back and needless to say, Fabio sadly did not make it. His Fabergé Egg was never seen again......

Can you and your team uncover the secret hiding spot of this long lost Fabergé egg?

Recommended group sizes of 2-6 players. Game duration 60 minutes.

To book this exiting new adventure in the Midlands please contact reception on 033 234 4666 or email  info@lythwood.com